Should student athletes be drug tested pros and cons

should student athletes be drug tested pros and cons

While drug testing is the first line of defense at the collegiate and professional levels of sport, athletes, parents, and we coaches and trainers must bear the. In their publication “What You Need to Know About Drug Testing in Schools”, Most recently, a study of high school athletes, published in the Journal of. Pros and Cons of School Drug Testing Most people usually perceive drug testing testing against the use of illicit drugs among 76, athletes and students did not have any impact at all. Should there be random drug testing in schools?.

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The school did not require observed specimen collection, a positive test did not result in expulsion, and privacy cns of students drig were required to disclose br medication join. live chat definition above were taking were adequately addressed by learn more here school. Does drug testing work. Friday, September 27, For what it is worth, the American Academy of Oros is staunchly against drug testing in schools. The reasoning in Vernonia has been extended to include all other extracurricular activities. Additional testing is required when a student tests positive. Photo Credits. Friday the 13th has always been said to give bad luck, but the football game that night said otherwise. Across the country, many schools have random drug testing programs. Detractors of drug testing point out that, in this example, drug testing was part of an incentivized program where students were rewarded with discounts from local stores in the community and it is not clear that drug testing alone would produce such results. To exactly know where to stand on this matter, it is best to look at the pros and cons of drug testing in schools. Schools often claim drug testing is used as a deterrent to starting or continuing to use drugs. Other Other. Harlan county, Kentucky, during the school year, initiated a random drug-testing program for all teachers, principals, and administrators. should student athletes be drug tested pros and cons

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